The goals of the project

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The goal of the project is to investigate cross-border labour migration processes between Hungary and Slovakia, as well as to provide an expected outlook of migration for labour purposes based on an exploration of factors facilitating and hindering migration. The project at the same time aims at typifying the potentials of economic cooperation.

Specific goals of the project
  • Quantification of the labour force migration potential at the Slovak-Hungarian cross-border regions
  • Compilation of migration labour market and economic database concerning the cross-border regions
  • Exploration of trans-border business to business cooperations (best practices)
  • Formulation of policy recommendations with the involvement of stakeholders to promote the competetiveness of the regions neighbouring the border
  • Implementation of new joint structures to disseminate and exploit the research findings
 Further goals in the framework of the project
  • Cooperation in the field of R&D and innovation, implementation of new joint structures to disseminate and exploit new joint structures primarily with the involvement of R&D institutions, businesses and civil society organizations. The partners wish to contribute to the development of sustainable cooperation joint structures between the Slovak and Hungarian R&D and other organizations in the framework of the project.
  • Contribution to the development of human resources with regard to the fact that cross-border migration is strongly linked to the use of human resources.
  • Strengthening intepersonal relations building, for the purpose of which people to people networking plays a dominant role both in the implementation and in the empirical surveys. A relevant goal besides that is the communication of research experiences on both sides of the border, and based on research findings to make proposals on how to improve inter-ethnic relationships.


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